Why an Initiative for Term Limits?

We believe that political change depends on reforming the nature of the game. That is why we are very excited to launch our citizen ballot initiative for 2020: Unite for Term Limits.  We think it is long overdue that some sort of limit be placed on Utah elected officials to discourage them from becoming career politicians.

So why do we need a citizen’s ballot initiative on term limits? Simply put, there is no other conceivable way that this would come about. Despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of voters support the idea of term limits, elected officials don’t tend to feel the same way.

In this initiative, Utah voters will have the chance to create a reasonable term limit that still allows elected officials to serve long enough to make a difference, but at the same time, not stay so long they become entrenched, career politicians. Additionally, this initiative will not impose a lifetime ban on legislators once they hit the limit. That means that a former legislator can come back and run for office again after taking a “time-out” period of at least a term.

So twelve years in consecutive terms is what we’re looking at for the state legislature. For statewide executive elected officials – meaning the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state treasurer, and state auditor – we are proposing no more than two four-year terms, or eight years in office. Again, this will only apply to consecutive terms.

By voting for term limits, we will be joining many other states that have found term limits to be a key component for ensuring more effective government and limiting corruption. Fifteen states have already set term limits on their legislators, including Arizona, California, Montana, and Nevada. Thirty-six other states have term limits of some type on the governor, including many of our neighbors such as Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and Nevada.

Of the fifteen states that currently have legislative term limits, it is important to note that fourteen of them were passed by citizen ballot initiatives, all of which were conducted between 1990 and 2000. Bringing about term limits via citizen ballot initiative is, unfortunately, by far the most common and effective way to put this important check on our state government.

If you’re ready to see term limits in Utah, please help us spread the word by liking us on social media and sharing our posts. We also appreciate anyone who can volunteer and/or donate. Together, we can bring positive change to our great state.

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